Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slight Detour

I took a small detour from quilts for the upcoming new book today to work on a very small project. I had some help. More help than I wanted or needed. Have I mentioned lately how Mickey likes to be in a lap? Actually, he INSISTS on being in a lap! So he sat while I sewed. I think we were both glad when I was done. What is this project? You'll see in a few days, I promise!

I managed to totally pull my left hip out of whack this morning. I wish I had a good story for how I did it, like a snow skiing accident, a long distance running injury, or something equally exciting. In actuality, it happened when I bent over to pick up the TV remote from an ottoman. I'll be fine in a few days, I hope. Meanwhile, Advil helps with the pain.

Nothing new with my father. I think he's slowly adjusting to life in the nursing home, though he still asks when he can come home. My mother is adjusting well to living alone. She adores her driver, my good friend. I knew she would! Thank you, B!

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