Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Craftsman, Cooking, and Condos

Finally, a quilty post! This is the sad state of my hand sewing that sits besides my chair and goes along with me on road trips. Today I made a trip to Sears for something in the hardware department and I spotted this:
Ooo - la- la! A pink tool caddy! They also have them in red and black. Look at all those elastic loops for thread spools!
Each end has a mesh pocket. That metal clip is to hook a tape measure.
One side has these velcro straps (for a level) - not sure if I'll use them.
Here are the details in case you want to buy one, too. It was $12.99. I'll post another photo once I've filled it.

I'm busily getting ready to host 13 for Thanksgiving Dinner. My dressing is made and in the freezer. The turkey breast in brining in the refrigerator. House cleaning is almost done. Daughter 2 will be here Wednesday. Daughter 2 and Son-in-Law will be here Thursday morning. Brother and 3 nephews will be here sometime Wednesday.

Dad Update: Yesterday Mom and I had a good visit with him. For the first time, he didn't complain or ask to come home. He seemed resigned and very tired. I'm so relieved, and hope his attitude continues. He's fallen once since he's been there, but didn't hurt himself.

Condo Update: On the day Dad went to the hospital, hubby and I were looking at a condo in Auburn to house Daughter 2 while she's in Pharmacy School. We made an offer that day. While hubby was out of town on business and I sat at the hospital, I negotiated the deal and we came to an agreement. Yesterday hubby went down there for the inspection. A few problems came up and the seller will fix them. We close in early December. Yay!

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