Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More San Antonio Pictures

Here are more of my shots from S.A. Some fun textures...
This pigeon is called Patches by the local shop keepers.
We were serenaded at dinner one night.
Sweet cream waffles, anyone? Yummo!

I have been diligently sewing every day, working on three quilts for the upcoming book at the same time. I want to have all three ready for quilting by the end of the year. I think I'll make it - the power of positive thinking and hard work!

Hubby and I have also been doing some house hunting, or to be more accurate, condo hunting. We've decided to purchase a condo in Auburn for Daughter 2 to live in while she's in Pharmacy School. We want a second bedroom so we can stay over on football weekends (or whenever!) We think we've found one and will be making an offer soon. It's not furnished, so it will be great fun to start from scratch to make it homey and comfortable. Can't wait to get started with that. For now I'm pinning ideas on Pinterest.

I taught a quilting class last night. Four wonderful ladies. It was a one night class and we had lots of fun!

Oh, and a (belated) Happy Birthday to my writing partner, Peggy!

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