Friday, November 18, 2011

Still Stressed...But Making Progress

We decided not to visit Dad today. We don't want him to expect us to be there every single day. However, he managed to call me. He can ask a nurse to call me or Mom so he can get on the phone to talk. He did this THREE TIMES today. Count em, three.

He has trouble saying the right words, but he got his point across:

He. Wants. To. Come. HOME.

I think it's interesting that each time, he called me instead of my mother.

He said that if we'd let him come home, he'd help with the housework. He cannot even stand without help. And he's never (in his life!) helped with any housework. He's really working on us. But we will stand firm. We will.

Hubby, Mom, and I will visit him in the morning. I warned him not to spend the visit complaining or asking to come home. He said he would not, but I know he won't remember that by then.

The good news: a good friend of mine (a fellow quilter) is going to become my mother's wheels. She'll drive her to the nursing home 2-3 times per week so that I can get back to my regularly scheduled quilting - that book is not going to write itself! My mother will be paying my friend, so it will be a win/win/win situation for my mother, my friend, and for me.

I can't say enough about my dear husband. He has gotten me through this. Though I did cave and have a good cry this afternoon. Then a nap. And now I feel better.

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Chris said...

Julia - So happy that your friend can help out your mother and that you will get some quilting time again. That is when I knit my nerves from the daily stress and strain. Sounds like its been a tough time lately. Please remember to take time to care for the caregivers. Will keep you all in my prayers. -Chris