Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We're having a fun family week, so blogging is sparse and sewing is even more sparse. Daughter 2 is here for a week before returning to school this weekend - loving every minute of it! Daughter 1's hubby has gotten a wonderful job in Georgia - yay! They're moving this weekend. We'll miss having them in town, but they won't be too far away. Daughter 1 had her last day of work last Friday, so she's able to hang out with us this week.

I'm savoring the moments - I know in the future it will be rare to have us all together for this many days at a time!

The girls made homemade Butterbeer over the weekend - we enjoyed it while we watched the next to last Harry Potter movie, gearing up to the see the last one the following day. Oh, it was good! Daughter 2 created the recipe from a few different ones she'd seen on the internet. She even made it low fat and low sugar for me, since she's knows I'm watching my diet.

Daughter 2 has her latest crochet WIP progress to show. A lovely hexagon afghan - yes, we are hexie mad around this place!

We are staying busy running errands for her - getting her ready for her senior year. New computer. Some school supplies. Some clothes. New white gloves for marching band. Ya Da Ya Da.

So I will be away for a few more days as I enjoy family time. Both girls are leaving the weekend - hubby and I are loving every minute until that happens.

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