Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back in Business

What a week! After buying a new computer on Sunday afternoon and leaving it (along with my crashed computer) for the kind Apple folks to transfer my data, I have been on pins and needles. The computer was not ready until Tuesday. I spent about an hour and a half at the store when I picked it up while they helped me update a few things.

Tuesday night after my quilting class, I realized some things on the computer weren't as they should be. So yesterday morning I went back to the store, spending another couple of hours with my computer and an Apple employee as he corrected the issues.

Back at home, yes, another problem. Back to the store for another couple of hours. The problems were all associated with the fact that my old computer was totally crashed, making the data transfer very difficult.

The good news:
-All issues are now solved, and my new computer is working beautifully, though I still need to learn a few things
-All my pictures were saved!
-The book proposal was saved!

The bad news:
-All applications were lost, i.e., Microsoft Office, Photoshop - I'm in the process of reloading these. If I can't find my Photoshop disc, I'll have to buy that one.

All in all, it's good, though. I couldn't be happier!

In other Apple news, congrats to Tim Cook, newly named CEO for Apple. Hubby and I were classmates of Tim at Auburn where we all studied Industrial Engineering together. (He probably doesn't remember me, though!)
My beginning quilting class continues to go well. I remembered my camera this week and took some shots of the students' WIPs. Cute teapots!
Pretty colors - this one will have a gorgeous paisley border.
I love the look of this one - one fabric reminds me of shirting.
And isn't this going to be a happy quilt?

Three classes down - two to go. For homework, the students are to finish sewing their rows together and then sew on their borders. Next class we will learn to baste the top, batting, and backing together, and begin to machine quilt.

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Melinda said...

Your students are doing great - isn't it fun working with new quilters?