Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching Up

My Beginning Quilting class went great Tuesday night. I had so much fun, and hopefully the students did, too. I've taught so many quilting classes over the years, but never a beginning class - it's so much fun to get people started on the wonderful journey.

I took a pile of show and tell so the women could see some of my previous work, including the quilt above - my all time favorite, "Patches." Love the quilt. Loved that dog, too.

I look forward to next week's class.

Parent Update: Not good. My father is going downhill rapidly again. My mother is using the N-word: nursing home. I'm not sure I'm prepared to go through this again. I will get my brother involved this time.

What I'm enjoying this month:
1. Watching Project Runway and HGTV Design Star.
2. Watching the Braves with hubby.
3. Scattered showers.
4. Fresh vegetables.
5. Quiet time spent sewing.
6. My wonderful husband.


fiberchick said...

So love this quilt! Sorry to hear about your father...

Lisa A said...

I love that quilt, too. I'm actually getting to sew again. Working on Aunt Donna diamonds. And definitely get your brother involved this time.