Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wedding Shower and Another Block of the Month

Here's a pic from Emily and Tommy's wedding shower Sunday - it was a Christmas ornament shower. What a great idea! They got some really nice ornaments to hang on their tree. That's me on the left, with Tommy and Emily, and my 86 year old father. It's a miracle that Dad is smiling - he never smiles!

Ever since our girls were born, I've been getting them each an ornament every Christmas. Emily was born on Mickey Mouse's birthday (Nov. 18) so she has always received a Mickey ornament. When Elizabeth was little, she wanted to know whose birthday she shared, since Emily had such a fun b-day partner. I thought a bit and told her she was born on an angel's birthday; so she gets an angel ornament every year.

Okay, so you want to see my second block-of-the-month project for 2011. This is it! This will certainly be an adventure! I'm getting all the fabrics, threads, etc., delivered to me each month. I noticed that it's now sold out, but they are taking a waiting list, just in case someone backs out. According to the delivery schedule, I will not get my kit until the fourth week of every month. So I"ll try to do the Xmas BOM during the first part of the month. Sounds like a plan!

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Emily said...

Yay, I like the picture! And thank you for all the Mickey ornaments over the years :-)