Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Belated Birthday Present

The Studio Fabric Cutter is designed specifically for quilt shop retailers, kit makers and avid home quilters.

    • Cuts accurate shapes
    • More than 350 quilting shapes
    • Up to 90% faster than rotary
      cutters or scissors
Studio Shop

So here's my b'day present, only a few months late. I succumbed and got a fabric cutter! Accuquilt really pushes the GO! cutter for the average quilter. The reasons I got the Studio version are because it is able to use bigger dies, it has tons of dies available (much more than the GO!), and it cuts through so many layers of fabric at one time. I've tried it out and love it!

Of course the disadvantage with the Studio version is that it is HEAVY! It weighs in at 50 pounds, so it has to have its own dedicated space. You're not going to move it thereafter! So I found a nice little space for it in my studio, and there it will stay.

With the sale they were running, I got a terrific deal. I started out by purchasing 3 dies for it, all circular. I'm working on a series of quilts now that require circles. Oh, how much time it will save me! I figure additional dies will make good Christmas presents for me!

We are now counting down from 5 weeks until the wedding! Daughter 1 and I met with the reception venue yesterday to make the final arrangements there. And since the wedding is getting closer, it also means it's not long until Daughter 2 will be home from her studies abroad in Italy!

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Kathy said...

Happy Birthday and Lucky you for your cool cutter. My friend has this one and we use it quite alot. We cut projects together and make challenges with each other to put them together differently. We don't show each other the project until it's finished. We got familiar with the cutters at school since we had been using these machines for more than 15 years to cut letters for our classroom bulletin boards!