Monday, November 15, 2010

Snuggled Up

Here's how Prince (on the left) and Mickey like to sleep: snuggled up. If you'll notice, the door to the crate is open, so they could get out if they wanted. They were made to snuggle with each other, I think. In the corner of the crate is their quilt; they must be special because it has some Kaffe Fasset fabric in it. They are worth it!

I spent today quilting at Thimbles, working on a t-shirt quilt. I didn't finish, but hopefully I will complete it tomorrow. I'm ready to finish so I can dig into my Houston purchases!

There are little things that need to be done in our hall bathrrom before the remodeling is finished. Okay, so one is not so little - we need the faucet and showerhead in the tub. But once it comes in, it will only take minutes for the plumber to install. Maybe tomorrow? I hope so.

And our last wedding shower is this weekend - a Christmas ornament brunch in Georgia. Should be fun. We're talking my parents with us, hoping my 86 year old Dad can handle the trip. He really wants to go.

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Chris said...

You are so very right to keep looking up. It sounds like the next few months will be a very special time for you and your family! :)