Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Great Fit!

Have you ever seen a machine fit better in a space?  My studio has four dormer windows, which usually are quite a pain.  One has a built-in desk, where my felting machine now lives.  Two have built-in window seats/storage where batting scraps and fabric scraps live.  The fourth now has a purpose.  Not only does the machine fit perfectly in the space, but the three walls will serve to keep a quilt from sliding off the sides and creating drag.  Couldn't be better!

I've spent some time today playing with my new toy.  At first I had a bit of trouble adjusting the tension: 
But I've now got it almost perfect:
The owner of the shop where I bought it is coming to my house next week to make sure I'm off to a good start.  

My back is feeling a good bit better - not 100%, but almost.  I guess I have no more excuses to keep me from fixing that upside down block in the second t-shirt quilt.


Susan said...

I would say that machine is meant to be! Congratulations!

Judy Cloe said...

I'm thinking you're going to need more space. While it's true you don't want the quilt falling off and creating drag, you don't want it to back up against the wall either. Smaller quilts will work but not a large one.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Can't you jsut pull it out to quilt a big quilt, then push it back out of the way when not in use?