Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Block of the Month Week

This week I've been working on a few BOM's.  Don't you just love a block of the month quilt?  Do one block a month and at the end of the year you've got a quilt.  Of course if you're like me and participate in a few BOM's, it's a bit more of a challenge.

This block is for my bee challenge.  This block will go to Linda.  She selected the paper pieced pattern and provided us with the black/white fabric.

Our guild is having two BOM's this year.  This one is the more advanced one.  I know!  This doesn't look like what I typically make!  I signed up so I could force myself to work on my piecing skills, which are indeed lacking.  I had some fabric from the same line on hand - I bought it years ago when I was more traditional.  I figured this would be a good use for it.  And yes, the quilt will be beautiful, even though I'm not a traditional person.  Each month, we will be doing a different block in the center with the same frame (the green and tan) around it.
This is our guild's other block of the month, meant for beginners.  I signed up for this one, too. Those who make this one turn them in at the next meeting and there's a drawing to win all the blocks.  I'm always glad to have a chance to win blocks - this would make a great donation quilt.
Prince is doing well.  We've got a new plan to battle the snakes.  I'll tell you about it soon.  We're at war with the venomous snakes!!!