Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cranking Out Quilts

One t-shirt quilt top done.  One more almost done.  Hopefully by the end of the day Wednesday, there will be a third almost done.

I'm surprised I didn't see smoke coming from my sewing machine today!  It didn't let me down, just kept humming along.  It has asked me for a new needle before it starts its day tomorrow.  I will definitely oblige.

Anyway, so I grabbed my camera this afternoon to take some blog shots.  Batteries dead.  I cleaned out the closet where we keep our spare batteries yesterday.  I decided they need to be stored somewhere else.  But now I can't remember where I put them.  Typical.  If they don't turn up tomorrow, I'll take a break from sewing to go buy some.

Meanwhile, the kind folks at Handi Quilter called me yesterday.  My machine will be shipped by Wednesday.  Yay!  

I promise lots of photos tomorrow!

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