Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lake Dogs

Hubby got a bee in his bonnet. He wanted to go back to the lake yesterday. Though I'm still recovering from the last trip, I agreed. So hubby, Daughter 1, and I (along with the doxies) hit the road for the land of the wet and wild. We took the boat to a small island where the dogs could run free and explore.
Prince did some swimming.
Prince did some heavy duty rock rescuing, on his lifelong mission to rid the lake of rocks.
Mickey was happy to sit in the shallow water, watching Prince do his thing. It was a good day. Now back to the quilting life.
Look what the mailman had brought while we were gone! Yummy! Melody Johnson mentioned on her blog a couple of days ago that she wanted to sell her stash of Kaffe Fassett stripes. I e-mailed her quickly! I was the first to respond, so I got the honor of buying them. It's over 6 yards of fabric (a really nice variety), plus she threw in some pre-cut strips. It was a real bargain! I'm in stripey heaven! It will be some time before I can use them - too many irons in the fire currently - but I do have big plans for them.


Anonymous said...

Our springer spaniel is valiantly trying to rid our lake of rocks too!

Chris said...

Glad you had some fun. Looks like the doggies did too!