Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Progress

Not much progress today. I spent most of my time doing some big-time housework. Daughter 1 came over last weekend and cleaned out her old room. So today, I cleaned it thoroughly, washing all the bedding while I was at it. Then I moved on to the basement den. It needed a ton of attention, too.

I did manage enough energy to make 5 crosses for a row across the top. The rest of this row will have to wait for another day.
Here's a shot showing the 5 blocks. They still need to be trimmed.
And here's a close-up (as requested, Val) to show some quilting. For new readers: you can click on any picture two times to make it appear larger so you can see more details if desired.
Mickey shared an apple with me this afternoon. He loves to nibble on an apple core.

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