Monday, July 18, 2011

Quilting and Computing

It only took minutes to quilt the top section and square it up. If you're wondering how big it is at this point, it's about 32" across by 44" in length. I've been planning all along for it to be a lap quilt, but now I'm thinking it might be better as a wall quilt - a piece of art. Hmmm. Not sure. I don't have a great deal of fabric left from my swap, so I'd need to buy some to make it significantly bigger. Not a real problem. I know I want to add at least one more vertical row - it's too skinny for me now. I do have enough fabric for that. Decisions, decisions. I'll have to think on it.
Mickey was my assistant while I did the tutorial on Quilt-Pro. It went very well. I think I'm going to love this new software and all it can do. Beats the heck out of coloring in little squares by hand!

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Lynn said...

What a cute helper! And just so you know, I have been told that EQ has no plans to release a Mac version, which for some reason makes me mad even though I don't currently use a Mac. So Quilt-Pro is a Mac users best option. I hear it is a very nice program.