Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Remember this quilt?

I made this for a guild challenge last year. The challenge was to include a flying geese unit and a bit of red in your quilt. Instead of making a pieced traditional flying geese unit, of course I had to step outside the box and make these flying geese:
I called it, "Happiness is... A Gaggle of Geese. It was one of the winners at the guild level, and was then entered (along with the other winning quilts) into the Ultimate Guild Challenge at the recent Knoxville AQS show. Our quilts were juried into the show. I wasn't able to get up to Knoxville to see it hanging, but I do know it's back in Birmingham now. I'm picking it up Thursday. No, we didn't win ribbons at Knoxville, but it was great to have our guild represented there.
Whenever I have a quilt juried into a national show, I always take advantage of the appraisal that is offered. I love all my quilts no matter the monetary value. But it is nice to get the appraisal feedback when I can.

I got the appraisal in the mail yesterday. Yes, it made me happy! $1900! That's not as much as my large portrait quilts are usually appraised, but I'm definitely pleased with the amount.


Lynn said...

This is lovely! And certainly worth the appraised amount. All the hand stitching is wonderful!

Kathy said...

That's a beautifully designed quilt. I love the style of the quilting stitches and the painterly colors of the fabrics.

electricdunce said...

What a beautiful Quilt, the geese are brilliant. Lovely colors, lively quilting, it is just a dazzler. The quilt of your daughter is a beauty as well. I stumbled on your blog by looking at someone else's, I guess I should trek into the quilt blogs more often.