Thursday, July 21, 2011


No pictures today. Hubby and I hosted a big party at the lake yesterday, so we've been gone 2 days. We got home late last night and today (for me) has been a day of rest. I haven't had the energy to make it upstairs to the studio, or even to unload the car. It will all still be there tomorrow when I'm more rested.

So today I want to share my love for Pinterest! Do you Pinterest? Have you even heard of it? I'd been hearing about it, but until I joined in I didn't know how fabulous and fun it can be!

Pinterest gives you a place to create on-line bulletin boards of inspirational photos, recipes, ANYTHING you see on the internet. See a cool quilt you love - pin it to your board. Want to save that fab picture of someone's redone furniture - pin it to your board. You can create multiple boards, each with a different subject matter. You can follow others' boards, and they can follow yours.

I urge you to try it - it's way addictive! Check out my pins here. Follow me if you'd like.

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