Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Painting the Pots

Today I've been painting the pots for my quilt.  I painted each one individually on a piece of Roc Lon blackout fabric.  This is lighter weight than the RL multipurpose cloth, but heavier than cotton.  It lays flat and like the effect I get when I paint it.

I started by doing a rough sketch of a pot outline on the fabric with pencil.  Then I wet the fabric liberally with water and a foam brush.  Then I VERY freely threw on some paint, sprinkled it with table salt, and left it to dry in the sun.  It's sunny and HOT today, so it was dry in five minutes flat!
I had a happy accident that appeared once the paint was dry.  The texture of the deck table...
appeared on the fabric.  Very cool, indeed!  

Next I fused each piece of pot fabric to Pellon Wonder Under, and cut them out.
Here they are pinned in place on the wall.  I may add more paint here and there before I fuse the pots in place.  My favorite part of the quilt is still the wall.
Here's my assistant.  Mickey has been following me back and forth from the deck all day long.  He will sleep well tonight!

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Lisa A said...

This is looking great! You really took away a lot from that class.