Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teeny Tiny Nine Patch Tutorial: Part 2

To continue, sew a seam one quarter inch from each end.  These seams should be PERPENDICULAR to the original seams:

Cut apart again, into three 1 inch sections:
At this point, press these two seams OPEN.  I have the bottom section seam-up to illustrate:
Sew the middle strip sets to each double set, pressing the seams open.  You now have two teeny tiny nine patches!
For the final pressing, give each a spritz of sizing, a shot with a hot steamy iron, and then immediately put a heavy book on top of them.  When they cool, they'll be as flat as pancake.

My own goal is to make one set (2 blocks) per day.  What's your goal?


Carrie said...

As I read through your posts (and looked at the pictures) I was literally blown away with how easy that is. Why have I been doing 9 patch the hard way this entire time? Thanks! And ps, I've almost completed my first queen sized quilt (my aunt quilted it for me). All that's left is the binding. I bet I could add some nine patch fun on at the end of a day of stitching.

Anonymous said...

I made my first pair of teeny, tiny 9 patches tonight. Great method; insane scale. Bwa hahahahaha! They are my new "leaders" and "enders" for now.

Anonymous said...

So far, so good.... still having fun. Hey! I think the rockstar quilters on this blog (you KNOW who you are!!!) should make "Disappearing Nine Patch" quilts out of these!