Friday, June 18, 2010

Ginny Eckley Workshop

I've been trying to load these images all day and blogger wasn't cooperating.  Finally, success!

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this class!  I learned so many new techniques.  Ginny provided us with wonderful kits.  She gave us each a yard of PFD fabric, a wonderful little plastic paint pallet, and a variety of brushes.  We helped ourselves to the Setacolor Paints that she provided.

We started by painting on a small practice piece so we could familiarize ourselves with the paint.
Then we each painted our background piece, using salt to create cool effects with the paint.  Here are several pieces drying in the sun.  We had a choice to create a fish piece or a bird piece.  I picked fish.

Once the background pieces dried, we would add another layer of paint to it, letting it dry again.  The day was very hot, so the fabric dried in about 30 minutes.  While the background dried, we painted our fish (or birds) and some fabric for coral.
We learned to screen print next.  The bird people screen printed leaves on their backgrounds.  The fish people screen printed lots of organic shapes onto our fabric for coral.  I even screen printed some "ghost" fish onto my background.  Can you see them below?
Next we fused our fish and coral pieces onto our background fabric.
Tomorrow I'll share what we learned on day 2 of the class - more fun stuff.  I'll also show some other classmates works in progress.

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Lisa A said...

This is awesome! I know you had fun.