Thursday, July 1, 2010

Layer by Layer

The next step in my quilt was screen printing.  I bought a screen from Ginny Eckley that has a vine with leaves.  As she taught us, I mixed shaving cream with a dollop of paint and mixed it all together.  The shaving cream thickens the paint to keep it from running under the screen.
Then I held the screen down with one hand while I used a foam brush to apply the paint.  In this picture I'm not holding down the screen - that hand is taking the picture.  Ginny taught us to tape down one side of the screen, but I skipped that step - I was in a hurry!
I screened these leafy vines all over the place!
After they dried, I realized that I needed to do something to provide a sort of background for the actual plants.  In the photo, you can't see the sky through the plants.  I decided to apply a wash of green in the areas where the plants will be.  You can see above the wash has been applied on the right side already.

Tomorrow the next layer:  geranium leaves!

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Kathy said...

Julia, Your painted quilt is coming together so nicely. It is really nice that you are sharing your process.