Monday, July 19, 2010

After a little blogging break.....

I'm back! Here's a quick update:

I got contact lenses - haven't worn them in about 10 years. Love them!
I had a lovely mini-reunion with childhood friends. A wonderful day!
I had a BIG birthday. BIG refers to my age - the BIG FIVE O!

I started a new quilt for a good friend of the family.

My other new project involves quilting, too. But it will some time before I cut into fabric. I'm working on a new way to make patterns for portrait quilts. I'm getting very close to getting this to work, but for now it's Top Secret. I can tell you that I'm doing this on my computer. I had to install a new operating system and install a trial version of some very pricey software. If I succeed, I'll definitely spring for the software - it will be so worth it!

We quilters don't hesitate to spend big bucks on our sewing machines, so why not drop some on some software that will make the designing easier? And I'm not talking EQ software.

I have 30 days to work with the trail version of the software. Today is Day 3. Deadlines always make me work harder! Wish me luck!

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

That's a lovely picture of you, Judy.