Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still Plugging Away - But No Sewing....

Sorry no picture today. I'm still busily working away on my computer, trying to figure out how to accomplish a new automated quilt design technique. I've come to two conclusions:

1. I'm going to have to write some code to make this work.
2. I need to figure out what to tell the computer to do before I write the code.

Back in the day, when I worked as an Engineer, I did quite of bit of computer programming. So it's not foreign to me. Plus Daughter 1 is a Software Engineer, so she'll be tons of help. BUT, it will be some time before I figure out what we need to do.

Meanwhile, I did figure out that I don't need the expensive software to make this work. So after my 30 day trial is over, I can let it disappear. I know this all sounds cryptic, but I don't have any pictures to explain it better. Once I've got a design done, I'll share it here. Until I figure out how to get the computer to help, I'm designing a new quilt manually. It's VERY time consuming and tedious, but once the design is done, the quilt will be super simple to make.

On the home front, since we decided to take our house off the market, we're updating all the things that potential buyers complained about. The bathrooms are all going to get a complete remodel. We have 3 bathrooms - the contractor is going to do one first. Then he'll do the other two at the same time. That way we'll always have a working bathroom. We're also replacing our Corian countertops with granite. Oh what a mess this will be! Construction is never easy to live with, but I know the results will be nice.

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