Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone in the US has very happy day today!  Here's a little patriotic quilt top I made several years ago - it's only about 8 inches across by about 6 inches tall.  This is the very first piece I paper pieced.  Looking at it now, I'm very impressed with myself for attempting this as my first try!  So many pieces!  All that work and I never quilted it.  So sad.

I think for my next self imposed challenge, I may have to quilt some of the many tops, big and little, that have been patiently awaiting my attention.  Maybe this should be the first?
Now let me show you my new goodies.  I had a quilt bee meeting Thursday which included a field trip to a quilt shop in Tuscaloosa.  Since I'm not buying fabric, I don't even go to quilt shops lately - too tempting!!!  But I didn't want to miss bee, so off I went.  Beforehand, my parents gave me an early birthday present - money!  My mother knows I haven't been buying fabric, and she thought I might want to buy some for my birthday present.  I happily did so!  Even though it is a gift, I felt guilty!  Isn't that strange?
When I got home I found this lovely batik in my car.  I knew I hadn't bought it, so I let the friend who drove that day know that I had inadvertently gotten some of her fabric mixed up with mine.  Turns out she'd bought it for me after I admired it at the store!  I have such nice friends!  I feel rich with fabric!!!!  And love!!!

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