Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Defines an "Art Quilter"

I happened across this link on another blog and found it quite interesting; check it out.  Let me know what you think.  

Sometimes when you read an article, it goes in one ear and immediately out the other.  Now in my late 40's, this phenomenon is happening to me more and more frequently.  However, every once in a while, you read something that sticks in your brain and wallows around for a lengthy amount of time.  In fact, sometimes you can't get it out of your head even if you really try - kind of like getting a song stuck in your head.

This is one of those instances.  In fact, it's been rather life changing for me, in a way.  Okay, not LIFE CHANGING, really, just making me look at my quilting in a different way.  Sometime ago I remember reading an article in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine about what famous quilters call themselves: are they quilters, art quilters, artists?  At the time I thought the entire subject was a bit silly - what does it matter?  What really matters is the work one produces, whether they are bed quilts or quilts to hang on the wall or even jackets or purses.  When people ask me if I work outside the home, I always have said, "No, I quilt."  But maybe I need to view myself a bit differently.

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Anonymous said...

A very interesting read. My friend who crochets is often defensive about being at home and about her skills. She never works from a pattern but designs her work and uses combinations of yarns , colours etc .I tell her to think of herself as a designer, and an artist .