Monday, September 15, 2008



I just got a letter saying one of my quilts has been juried into a national show!!!!
I've entered a few juried shows before, but I've never had anything accepted.  A friend, Donna Leigh Jackins, gave me the entry form last month for the Quilts=Art=Quilts exhibit at the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center.  She wanted me to enter a three dimensional star quilt I recently completed.  I figured, why not?  The entry fee allowed me to enter two quilts, so I (almost randomly!) photographed another quilt and entered it, too.

Have you guessed what happened yet?  The star quilt was declined.  But they accepted the other quilt, Happy Houses!  I made the quilt top for Happy Houses at a Birmingham Quilters Guild retreat, bringing it home to do the extensive machine quilting.  It won a blue ribbon at the last BQG show.  But I never truly expected it to make it to a national show.  I'm thrilled!!!


Emily said...

Yay for you, Mom! I love Happy Houses! Congrats!

Emily said...

P.S. Dustin says that it reminds him of a Dr. Suess book! He likes it too!!

Lisa A said...

Yeah, Judy!! I love Happy Houses, too!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Congratulations, Judy. That's great. I love that quilt. I had a picture of it on my blog back in February after the retreat.

rachaelsplace said...

Brilliant quilt - I adore the colors!

Anonymous said...

I just love the quilt! I am a friend of Lisa and she put me on to your blog this week. I love reading your blog already! lydia