Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekend Busy-ness!

I have too many "secret projects" - makes blogging a challenge sometimes! But here's some progress on my self designed vest. I only allow myself to work on this at the end of a day after I've spent hours working on the secret stuff.

 Here are some pics of Daughter 1 and I before we attended a fun football event over the weekend. We had a good time - can't believe football season is almost HERE! I've decided that our life here in Auburn has three seasons to a year: Football season, Baseball season, and Lake season!

And here's a recent pic of my 4.5 month old Cooper. When we got him at the beginning of the summer he was Mickey's height - now Mickey is the size of one of his hind legs. Cooper has learned how comfortable furniture is - I got him this bed to encourage him to stay on the floor. (Not working so great.) He also learned to drink out of the toilets this week - not a good thing. Must keep lid down and door shut!

I'm hunkering down for a day of sewing - what about you?

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Sue G. said...

Hi Julia! Glad your enjoying your three seasons!!! Cooper is a hoot! Mickey is just chilling thru it all!

I remember when one of our dogs a mut ...about the same size would try and pull the table cloth off the table. She was about a yr old. And grew out of it.

Liking your seek peeks! Thanks for showing us what you can!