Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We're making progress! I took Cooper for both and morning and evening walk yesterday and I'm happy to report that he was a calmer dog. Yay! It's good for both of us. We walked a total of 2.7 miles in the two walks.

Every time he pulls on the leash (often!) I make him stop and sit so the leash becomes loose again. Then we continue. Walking on a loose leash is the hardest thing I've taught him and he doesn't totally get it yet, but he is improving.

His biggest problem during walks is being distracted. He wants to pick up EVERYTHING he sees on the ground, including this beer can. Haha - that's my dog...

Some things he's picked up this week:
1. Sticks
2. Rocks
3. Clods of dirt
4. Worm Jerky (Dried up dead worms - quite a delicacy to Cooper!)
5. Snickers wrapper
6. Flattened dead frog (I pried it out of his mouth this morning)
7. Newspapers (That's not ours, Cooper!)
8. Pinecones
9. Execdrin box (one of the construction workers must have had a head ache)

I know this makes it seem like our neighborhood is LITTERED with stuff - but it's not. The garbage is all in the construction area. Though the worm jerky is everywhere!

I'm sewing away here. I have an new project that I can actually share here - it's not secret! I'll try to get it to the point to photograph later today.

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