Friday, August 30, 2013

Cutter Quilts

Do you have an old quilt that is worn and tattered, beyond repair? I've had some scraps of cutter quilts lying around my studio for some time now. I woke up this morning with inspiration. I added some raw edge appliqué stitched down via machine. Down and dirty! Kind of cute little piece of folk art, huh?

Okay, get back to work now! No more playing! Lucky me, all quilting is playing to me! I spent the rest of the day getting projects organized:

- I cut all the pieces for the next quilt. Check.

- I stitched the binding and sleeve on another quilt - ready for hand sewing. Check.

- I made a label for a finished quilt. Ready to hand stitch in place. Check.

- I gathered the remaining pieces for a small wallhanging. Ready to hand stitch. Check.

Lots of hand stitching ahead - my favorite thing to do.

Other newsworthy events:
1. I found out today that Peggy and I will be doing a Schoolhouse Presentation at Quilt Market in Houston in October. Yay!
2. I had a quilt accepted into the Modern Quilt Challenge at AQS.  Yay!
3. I'll be teaching at the AQS Chattanooga Show in September 2014. Yay!

And football season is here! You can tell by all the traffic around town. Travel trailers are parked everywhere, people are milling about, and excitement is in the air.


sandiqltr said...

Julia, I am excited that you will be teaching at AQS Chattanooga. You and I have had some previous conversation when you still lived in Birmingham about you coming to teach a class up here. Neither of us ever followed through on it so now all my quilty buddies can take your class in 2014!!!

fiberchick said...

I love what you did with this cutter remnant!