Sunday, August 25, 2013

He Thinks He's a Doxie

Oh dear. Cooper thinks he should be a lap dog like his buddies, Prince and Mickey. This is not good. But he's so sweet!

I have been sewing ALL WEEKEND! Marathon! Exhausted...

I'm developing some new machine classes. So that meant taking a break from my regularly scheduled quilting to make some samples.  That's a new vest above, made in two days. I'll share some good photos when I have them. I need a model. :)

All samples are now completed. Tomorrow I'll try to photograph them and write class summaries.

Here are some pics from our guild meeting last week. Flavin Glover was our speaker on the topic of Demin Mania. She makes really cool stuff from recycled jeans, everything from floor quilts, pillows, stuffed animals, clothing, and tote bags.

Love the hippo!

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Kitchener Quilter said...

Thanks for posting those photos of Flavin Glover's quilts. I love working with denim, but her work is so different from my own! Love that hippo, too.