Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tiring Cooper Out - My New MIssion in Life!

Here we were yesterday on an early morning walk - Cooper and me. This is in a new part of our subdivision, still heavily under construction and a bit messy. Does Cooper walk on the sidewalk or the street? Of course not! He wades through the tall grass in between.

My goal now is to tire him out completely a couple of times a day to dispel some of his endless energy. He broke three flower pots on the patio this week, chewing up the plants they contained.  Hubby installed some temporary (we hope) fencing to keep him from digging holes around our fountain. I hate to wish away his childhood, but I'll be glad when my sweet boy is a bit more grown up!

I've been sewing away, as usual around here. I've got a perle cotton hand quilting project in progress.

I did a good bit of machine quilting this week. Plus I'm still working on my green project - the hand appliqué. Can you tell I love to have multiple projects in progress? I never get bored!

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