Monday, April 25, 2011

A Quilting Helper?

Back to quilting today! Last week I was a bit out of sorts. A bit sad - for no reason. A bit stressed - again for no reason. Do you have weeks like that? I'm back on track now, I think.

Hubby and I hosted the big family Easter lunch after church yesterday. It went as well as it could - we both were on edge hoping that grandfather A didn't offend grandmother B, and that Grandmother A doesn't hurt anyone's feelings. You know - the typical family dynamics issues. We bring both our families together each holiday, which can be awkward at times. But for the most part, the day went well. When everyone left mid-afternoon, hubby and I sighed and took a nap. We are thankful that both sets of parents are still living, which is rare these days.

As you can see above, I basted the house quilt today. Then I immediately started quilting it. I was having a great old time.

Then I heard a noise. Behind my HQ16. It wasn't the machine.
Oh dear. I had a little friend. A wasp or hornet or yellow jacket - one of those stinging bugs. I've only been stung one time and it wasn't fun. It started swelling and I felt really weird until I took a dose of Benedryl. I must be allergic or at least sensitive to stings.

So I backed off. The on/off switch to the machine is on the back of the machine. So now, 2 hours later, the machine is still on. I'm not sticking my hand back there!
When hubby gets home, I'll send him up try to get the buggy. I hope it doesn't go to sleep in the quilt.


Lynn said...

I know exactly what you mean about having off weeks. I get them too, often for no apparent reason either.

That bug does look icky! Hope he didn't bring any friends with him!

Jodi said...

Eeek! I am petrified of bugs! Your quilt looks beautiful! I hope hubby found that creepy crawly!!!