Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back Home Again

Home again, home again, hippety hop. With lots of licks and cries of joy from the doggies. They were SO glad to see us. I think Prince aged while we were gone - in three days he is so gray! He must have spent the time worrying about us!
I'm sharing a few photos I took along the trip. I know. I photograph odd things. Neon signs. Vintage coke bottles.
And clouds. This was an amazing sight in South Carolina. A huge black cloud and a white puffy cloud making a sandwich of a sliver of blue sky.

I didn't sew nearly as much on the trip as I thought I would. We stayed busy most of the time, and by the end of each day I was ready to collapse. As soon as we arrived home, I took off to the grocery store to restock my kitchen.

Here's a tease for tomorrow's post. This antique love seat lived in my bedroom when I was growing up. It's had the same faded green, crushed velvet fabric ever since I've known it. When my parents moved to Birmingham several years ago, the love seat came to live in my attic.

All the while I was working on The Great Studio Makeover, I had in the back of my mind thoughts of the sad love seat. It would be so happy living in my studio. Especially if it had new fabric. Happy fabric.

Stay tuned.

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