Thursday, April 21, 2011

Food in the Fridge

Isn't this a well-stocked refrigerator? Hubby and I went a bit crazy at a garage sale at our church last Saturday. Of all things, I fell in love with an old toy stove and refrigerator.
The inside of the fridge not only has the cool food on the inside of the door, but it also has a vegetable drawer and a spinning shelf.
And the color - too cool! It's a shame about the rust. Any tips on rust removal and restoration would be appreciated!
Here's the oven; it's not as rusty. I couldn't go home without both of them. They seemed to want to stay together. They are made by Wolverine, in case you're interested in that sort of thing. I have a friend who has the refrigerator in pink. From a bit of research, I learned that these were made in the 50's.


Sheila said...

What a find! I love the graphics on the inside of the frig door. I had a refrigerator and stove set similar to these when I was a kid. Mine were white and not as fancy. I remember playing with for hours and hours, making imaginary meals. Can't wait to see the after photos if you should decide to have them restored. Have a great weekend.

Sandy said...

What well-loved toys they were.I am sure they will be beautiful once again.My daughter just had a complete mini kitchen built for her 2 little ones and they are having so much fun cooking their imaginary meals. Have fun restoring your treasures.

Anonymous said...

First pic I thought it was a fabric panel, talk about a one track mind! For rust...good ole SOS pads and elbow grease. I also like your finished house quilt top.

tammie said...

That's the one! The pink one has the same graphics, but for the budget-minded, no lazy susan shelf or vegetable crisper. I do have a tiny lithographed steel porkchop in the freezer- yum!