Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Garage Sale

This is becoming a habit. While out running errands this morning, I stopped by an estate sale. I bought this display case. I put the pin cushion on top to give you an idea of the size. There is a crack in one section of the glass, but I only paid $2. I also bought the contents of said display case:
Thimbles, thimbles, and more thimbles. You can tell a lot about a person by their collected thimbles. You can tell where they traveled (Germany, Paris, London, Fort Worth, Branson, Graceland). You can tell some of their interests (flowers).
And check this one out. It was so appropriate that this was in the bunch, especially on Easter weekend. Click on the picture to get a better view.
And I also rescued several vintage quilt blocks. I always feel like I'm saving these purchases when I buy them. I mean, if I didn't take them home, who know what their fate might be? I almost feel guilty if I don't give them a good home. It's the same mentality I've used in the past with dogs - we've rescued more than our fair share from shelters.
Here are all the block spread out. The Spring colors and hand-piecing make me smile.

Happy Easter to you all!


Carol G said...

Wonderful finds! Do you turn your vintage blocks into quilts? I am attempting to do that with a recent gift of vintage blocks. See the story if interested at

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