Thursday, February 24, 2011


This was the view from my kitchen window this afternoon. Our tulip tree is gorgeous this week. I don't mind washing dishes when I get to stare at this. We're expecting bad storms overnight, so the tree might be a little worse for wear in the morning.
And here's the view in my mirror. It may not be totally obvious here, but I got a MAJOR haircut today. I've had a rough month. Spring is almost here. I'm ready for new beginnings. So I took the plunge and went pretty short. I'm still shocked every time I look in a mirror, but I think I'm going to like it.

Dad news: We had a good visit today. No complaints! I'm proud of the way he's adjusting to his situation and I tell him that every day. He's made a new friend (though he can't remember his name), and he enjoys the exercise sessions - amazing for my couch potato Dad! He wants us to bring him a pad of paper and a pen so he can write things down to remember to tell us. He also asked for a cell phone, but we're not going down that road. He'd never figure it out, and if he did, we might get calls all day and night!

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Sandy said...

Love the cut! So glad that your Dad is adjusting. One day at a time. Your tree is beautiful and so is the snow that continues to fall here....I think!