Friday, February 18, 2011


I don't think I've ever been so glad to see a weekend come! We are so relieved to have my Dad in the nursing home. We've known this was coming for a few years, and the countdown has been long and difficult.

When we visited him yesterday, he was full of complaints and hateful talk. Though my Mom and I were determined not to let it get to us, of course it took it's toll. However, I'm happy to report that today's visit brought few complaints and nothing hateful was spoken. Happy day!

Both yesterday and today we had to do some shopping to get him some things he needs there (extra underwear, a magazine), but from now on I think he'll be set with just our visits. The nursing home is only 10 minutes away, so I can pick up my Mom (5 minutes away) and we can be there quickly. That is nice. My Mother doesn't drive anymore except to go next door to the grocery store once a week, so I am her wheels. We'll be going to visit Dad every morning for a week or so, then we'll start skipping a day here and there. My Mom understands that when I have a quilt meeting or need to be out of town, she'll either have to skip visiting or call a taxi.

I told Dad that hubby will be visiting this weekend, and he's looking forward to seeing him.
I still haven't received my February Sue Spargo BOM kit. I'm not sure why it's later than last month, but I continue to work on my Lollypop block and my Christmas block.
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Sandy said...

So glad that you are doing better. It is so good that quilting is such a good stress medicine. Have a good day.