Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Candy Canes

I'm sensing a theme here: from lollypops to candy canes. Sugar overload in my applique. These candy cane stripes are proving to be a challenge, though not as bad as the angel shoes were last month.

On the home front. today was my Dad's 87th birthday. I took my parents a nice hot lunch from their favorite restaurant, and also a platter of cupcakes. My Mom had come to her senses this morning, realizing she absolutely can't give my Dad the care he needs at home. So after lunch I had another talk with him about the impending move. He's not taking it well. I made a second trip to their apartment later in the day to talk with him more.

It's hard because he knows what I'm talking about, but then he will suddenly become confused (his dementia is worsening). We told him, (with tears flowing from both me and my Mom) that we really wish we could keep him home. But it's just too much, and he deserves better care. As I left the second time, he said he'd go along with the move, but if he doesn't like it, he's going to tell us. I'm sure he will.

Moving day is set for Friday.

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Barbara said...

ooh, don't say that the Christmas BOM is that hard. I'm not an expert Appliquer but decided to start this BOM. Well, at this point, at least collect the blocks and material.