Saturday, February 19, 2011


My name is Julia and I'm addicted to television. I'll admit it. I applique while I watch TV, so I don't throw that time away. What do I watch? CSI. American Idol. Survivor. Mentalist. Biggest Loser. American Pickers. Sarah's House. Amazing Race. And a show called Heavy on A&E. Heavy is one of those weight loss shows. People are sent to a ranch to exercise and eat right. Monday nights.

My obsession? There are a couple of quilts that can be seen in the background on the show hanging on walls. And I am becoming obsessed with them. This afternoon I paused the TV on one of them.

It's sort of like a Double Wedding Ring, but there are rounded ends on the strips.
And in the center of the rings there are these 36 patch squares.

Has anyone ever seen a quilt like this? I think I'm in love. Don't worry, Hubby, you're still my Numero Uno!


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

this is very funny! When I took Boo to see the Princess and the frog, (animation) the girl had a really cute QUILT on her bed... I had to make it... ;-)

that is a beauty!! Looks like you going to have to draft that quilt up!

Jodi said...

While I was watching Biggest Loser last week, during the weighing there was a great wall something or other (going blank on what it would be called) but it was all different colored solids, and I thought it would make a nice quilt pattern. After the show was over, I thought, I should have paused it and sketched it out! Duh! "Heavy" sounds interesting, and I like the quilt!

Rhonda said...

LOL Julia....I'm addicted to Courtv during the morning, the Nanny during the afternoon and then the talk show during the late afternoon.....all the while sewing or doing embroidery work.