Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Lollypop Finished!

I finished my second Lollypop Tree block last night. I do love this project! Easy, laid back, and high impact.
I still haven't received my February Sue Spargo kit - think I'll e-mail them today to see what's up.
I hoping to finish my Baltimore Christmas block for this month today - the reveal tomorrow (hopefully).
Dad news: I decided after talking with the nursing home again not to pursue moving Dad to another unit. He is where he is for a reason. Yesterday when we visited he had on two shirts, one on top of the other. And he was obviously very confused. So it's best for him to stay on this locked unit so he won't wander off.

My goal now is to work out some kind of schedule for taking my mother to visit him. She doesn't drive anymore - have I mentioned that? I cannot continue indefinitely taking her 7 days a week, and she knows that. I'm thinking we'll work toward 3-4 visits per week eventually. I would love to find someone who would like to make a bit of money by being her driver sometimes.

I have begun to take my applique project with me on our visits. I sit and sew while we chat. I sit by the window (no lamp). If it's a cloudy day, I can't see, but on sunny days I can accomplish a bit. I think Dad is enjoying watching my progress on the blocks, too. He always asks me to hold up what I'm working on so he can see it.

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