Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

I've heard that the activity you do on New Year's Eve is a precursor to your entire next year. If so, Daughter 2 will be doing lots of crocheting and studying. Mickey is her assistant.

After some fun, hooky time, she ended up with the start of a new blanket:

Isn't it so lovely?! It's being made with the bamboo yarn she got for Christmas. I'm loving it!

It's seems to be the time in Blogland to sum up the previous year in order to get on with the new one. Some of this year's momentous occasions have been:
1. Getting a new son-in-law - by far the most momentous occasion!
2. Trying to sell our house and finally giving up on it.
3. Remodeling all of our bathrooms and getting new countertops and backsplash in the kitchen.
4. Daughter 1 graduating from college with an engineering degree and finding a job.
5. Having fun making quilts. Wish I'd made more, but it was one of those years as seen in numbers 1-4 above!

I thought the year might end with me going back to work. I haven't mentioned it until now, but I had a couple of job interviews in the past couple of months. I didn't get either one. You never know, I may still find a job someday, but until then I think God has other plans for me. So after a couple of days of feeling a bit worthless because I was passed over, I now feel renewed energy and plan to make 2011 great and productive and fully satisfying.

Thank you to so faithfully following along my quilty journey. My 2011 will be FILLED and overflowing with quilty goodness. I promise! My resolutions are simple this year:
1. Try to eat healthy.
2. Walk more.
3. Quilt more.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I like your resolves. That's pretty much mine too, and getting rid of some UFOs that have piled up over the years.
I've always heard that saying too about what you do on New Years is what you'll be doing all year. I went to the thrift store with my sisters.
Happy New Year, Judy.