Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cheer

Okay, so it's not exactly like the picture on the box the kit came in, but whatever. I love it! We quickly gave up on perfect scalloped shingles, perfect wreaths, perfect anything. By the time we were done, the goal was just to squirt some icing and push some candy into it.

Gingerbread houses are so much fun to build and decorate. Plus they make a nice centerpiece for the holidays.

Lots going on around here. Daughter 2 is home from Italy. Only ONE WEEK until Daughter 1's wedding!!!! We've been getting dental appointments and hair appointments out of the way. I jumped off my Mom's dead battery and took her Christmas shopping. My Christmas shopping is all done. Something about having a December wedding makes you get everything done early!

This week we'll be doing some holiday cookie baking. I want to have lots of goodies on hand for any out-of-town friends and relatives who will be in town for the wedding next weekend. Hubby and Daughter 1 will both be off work on Thursday and Friday so we can take care of last minute wedding prep, though Emily has everything so organized that there will not be much to do. We absolutely can't wait for the big day!

I've even had some quilting time. Emily helped me baste a quilt today. Tomorrow I have a date with my HQ sit-down machine. I've missed her!

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