Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wedding Shoes and Rum Cake

I think the funniest story of Emily and Tommy's wedding day was my shoes. I had no problem finding a dress to wear - bought one this summer. But finding the right shoes was another matter. A few weeks ago I bought the shoes above. I thought they were pretty, elegant, and the heels weren't too high. Last week I put them on one day to break them in around the house. I realized after only a few minutes, they were not going to work. They felt fine in the store, but not at home. Very uncomfortable.
So only days before the wedding, I found these lovely heels. Gorgeous! I knew they'd be to high for me to wear all day (unless I wanted to spend the holidays in a back brace), so I wore them only to the wedding and bought the comfy cushy flats below for the reception.
Before the wedding while I was running around the church affixing pew bows, and getting pictures made, I decided to change into these flats until time for me to walk down the aisle in the heels. As soon as I put them on I realized I had a problem. Not only were the flats two different sizes, but I had two RIGHT shoes! Oh my! I decided that even with the mismatched sizes and two right shoes, that they were much more comfortable than the heels. So I went with it, wearing them to the reception, and dancing up a storm in them. A couple of days ago I went back to the store, coming home with a matched set of shoes, same size, one left, one right. I because of all my troubles, the store refunding me 20% of the cost.
Elizabeth made this delicious rum cake last night. Wish you could smell it! We'll be serving it on Christmas Eve while we entertain family members with a beef tenderloin dinner. Yum!


Rhonda said...

Julia, your shoe story was very entertaining....I've been there with the uncomfortable shoes.
That rum cake looks great....I think I can smell it from here.
Take care.

Chris said...

What a funny story! I'm glad you now have two that match, and one for each foot! :)