Monday, June 2, 2014

My New Funky Shoes

I had a fun shopping day Saturday with Daughter 1 - we went to Columbus, GA, which is only about 30 minutes from here. While she was getting her hair cut, I went in a cute little bead shop. They also have gift items, accessories, and all sorts of things. And SHOES! Bernie Mev. shoes. Yes, there's a period after the MEV.

At first I thought they were a bit strange. They are made from a woven elastic-y substance. But I tried one on see how it felt. As soon as I got one on my bad foot (still recovering from all the torn ligaments from my fall several months ago) I KNEW I was going home with them.

Since my injury, I cannot wear most of my shoes. Bummer. I keep hanging on to them in hopes they'll feel good again, but I'm not that optimistic. But these Bernie Mev. shoes are amazingly comfy! The sales person told me that people with foot issues (including bunions) love them.

They are available in tons of colors and styles. I have a feeling I'll be getting more.

It will be a busy day today! I'm still working on kits for Chicago in a few weeks. And I'm determined to  start working on a slide show using Power Point. I've been putting it off too long. I've also been putting off unloading the dishwasher. Better add that to my list.

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Kathy said...

Comfy for a bunion? I'm gonna check these out!