Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm All Packed Up!

Aren't they a cute group? Here are the bride and her bridesmaids. (Daughter 2 is second from the right). I had such a fun time watching them get ready for the wedding. Then back home Saturday night. Took Daughter 2 to her airport shuttle Sunday morning so she could head back to Minnesota for the rest of the summer.

Now I'm shifting gears - all packed for CHICAGO! I'll be teaching at the Chicago International Quilt Festival at the end of the week - 3 Make It University classes and 1 Open Studios. Hubby's coming along and we're spending a few days sightseeing before the quilt show.

Daughter 1 and SIL are moving into our house for the week to water plants and feed the dogs and cat. Thank you to them!!!

This time tomorrow night we'll be attending a play: The Last Ship, written by Sting and inspired by his childhood. He sang the title song on the Tony Awards recently. The play will be moving to Broadway next year.

Should be a fun week!!!

I have reviewed a book (historical fiction) that has lots of quilting in it - check it out here!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, You are having a very busy couple of weeks! I am following the AMB blog tour and really like your block for Alabama. I keep checking your blog for the pattern but I haven't been able to find it. I am hoping I just missed it somewhere. :) Thanks, Cathy