Monday, July 22, 2013

My New Sweater!

I feel pretty darn lucky! When Melody offered up this sweater she knit for sale on her blog, I jumped on it. So excited that I got it! Melody is so talented - a quilter, a painter, and a knitter. She designed it herself. OOHH, I'm so lucky to have an ORIGINAL! It arrived today. I'm ready for Fall/Winter!

Today I had errands (Walmart for shelves to help organize some of my stash and the mall for some hexie items - yup, bought some hexie clothing!) Then I had to go to Fed Ex to ship a quilt to Paducah. I have 4 quilts residing temporarily in Paducah at the moment.

Finally I settled down behind the machine to appliqué some hexies, tucking the threads under with a pin as I stitched. Making progress!

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