Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hexie Style!

Due to popular demand, here's the hexie clothing I bought this week. You'll need to click on the pictures to see better. I love the pants! They don't fit me now, but that's incentive to continue my weight loss, huh? I got these at Penney's.

And the hexie blouse came from Dillards. The yoke in back is sheer black lace and it comes with a black camp underneath.

Don't worry, I won't wear them at the same time! I think the blouse would be cute with white jeans and some colorful jewelry. And I have a cute camel sweater which will go with the pants. Hope I can fit in them soon!

Busy day today! Daughter 2 came over to help out and I kept her busy. She put together some shelving units for an upstairs closet and sorted and organized all my big yardage fabric. Didn't realize I had so much. I won't need any backing fabric for quite some time. Big improvement!

Since I've been hexie-ing for the last couple of years, I have quite a collection of fabric circles of all sizes. I'd dumped them all in a big plastic bin. She is sorting them by circle size for me. It was taking so long that she took them home with her to finish there. It's so nice to get some organization in my life!

While she was sorting and organizing, I did a bunch of boring computer work. All done - yay! Ready to settle down in front of the TV to work on a quilt!

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