Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cooper's Mouth

Yesterday I didn't get any sewing in - too many errands! But today I definitely put in my hours. I did the ditch quilting on an entire large quilt. It still needs plenty of free motion work and a bit of my perle cotton quilting.

I also decided on a background for another quilt and pinned hexies in place on it, ready to appliqué.

So what about Cooper's mouth? I find the strangest things in it! Here he is above posing with Mickey, who has come to love this lug very much.

Let's play a game. Which of the following do you think I've found in Cooper's mouth in the last 24 hours?

1. A quilt magazine that I did not give to him
2. A quilt
3. A kitchen cabinet pull (still attached to the cabinet)
4. A stool handmade by my father
5. A doorstop (still attached to the wall)
6.  A bag of Knock Out Rose food
7.  A broom
8.  A visor
9.  My neck pillow
10.  A shirt
11.  A TV remote
12. My book
13. A potted plant

The answer?  All of the above! The only thing he destroyed was my book:


Lisa A said...

At least you know where to get another book!

Anonymous said...

:O GOODNESS, COOPER! My dogs are old timers - I've forgotten what the chewing stage is like. My Clarice took the wood trim off the bathroom door once - she became an outside dog... for a while. ha!

Good luck with happy Cooper! He's a doll!

Sue G. said...

How Funny!!!The first two years are a hoot. Our Teddy(Morkie) loves paper plates. When he gets them (sometimes we let him just to see him run)it's like a SCORE!!!!point for him!!!!

Carol D. said...

Thanks for my laugh this morning. Dogs can certainly keep you on your toes.

Bev said...

I have 2 blogs (yesterday an today) of blogs with dog shaming, inspired by Charlie and Lola. :)

Cheery wave from

Beth said...

That is one busy mouth. Maybe he needs a giant dog bone. LOL

Lynda said...

Argh! I would have been a bit tweaked out of shape! What'a dog. :D