Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pat Sloan is at Bat Today!!!

PAT SLOAN!!! We took the picture at Quilt Market - how funny that Pat happened to pose just under her name in the booth!

Pat is up for the Blog Hop today - check it out HERE! In addition to giving away a copy of Quick and Easy Hexie Quilts, she's including some yummy thread, and a needle keeper! You have to check it out!!!

The response to the book has been ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL - hope you want to jump on the HEXIE bandwagon!

STay tuned - I'm up tomorrow at BOTH of my blogs!


Debbie Lou said...

This has been a great blog hop. Thanks so much for the fun. I love hexies and really enjoy how portable they are. Thanks for the giveaway!

joyce said...

the circle method of hexies seems doable. I want to try this.

joyce said...

I am anew follower